Karen Stanley                                                                                                      

Academic English as a Second Language

Central Piedmont Community College

PO Box 35009

Charlotte, NC 28235-5009   USA

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Central Piedmont Community College, English and Foreign Language Department, Charlotte, NC

Professor, Academic ESL.  In that program, have taught all levels of listening-speaking, grammar,

composition, and reading; special topics courses such as multiskill workshop (integrated skills),

TOEFL preparation, academic vocabulary and pronunciation.  Develop and implement new courses
(includes writing course proposals); write and revise course syllabi; evaluate textbooks, audio and video

materials, software. Restructured courses and wrote syllabi for conversion from the quarter to the
semester system (1996-97).  Revised entire curriculum (1990); revised and helped establish degree/transfer
elective credit for highest level of the program (1993 & 2003). Served as instructor and assisted the
Program Chair (1993-1997).  Served as instructor and Program Chair (1998-2000).  Developed (1984) and
later revised (1997) the departmental placement test, followed by chairing a committee to totally overhaul
the placement test (2000) in keeping with changes in the program; worked with a committee to move to a
partially-digitized placement test.  Have evaluated and keep annotated records of the placement test results. 
In charge of Academic ESL Placement Testing (including developing alternative assessments for potentially

misplaced students) Oct 2004-2014. Have created videotapes as a lab supplement to classroom

activities; integrate use of on-line technologies into course curricula, including use of email, social media,

and  Moodle (as an on-line supplement to face-to-face instruction) and developed materials for the

Can8 server system.   Have provided individualized instruction in the language lab.  Developed the first fully
online Academic ESL class (Intermediate Academic Vocabulary, 2015).  Have assisted in

grant writing, and have written standardized tests and quizzes for computer test-taking.  Do extensive materials

development, including materials for open/tutorial multimedia language lab.  Academic faculty advisor

for ESL students; have advised up to 150 students or prospective students per term.  Currently work in
BlackBoard (LMS) but also proficient in use of Moodle.  Coordinate
and mentor volunteers and interns
interested in the Academic ESL Program.  Have interviewed, selected, oriented and evaluated part-time faculty. 
Serve as liaison to Advising for Academic ESL 2005-present.  Organize professional development activities
for part-time and full-time faculty.   Worked with a graphic artist to produce an award-winning ESL brochure. 
Have served on the College Senate, the College Senate Part-time Welfare Committee, Developmental Education
Steering Committee and all four subcommittees; a committee to investigate the needs of Generation 1.5 students;
another to coordinate academic and adult ed ESL;  the Innovation Grant committee;  the Professional Development
Committee; the Campus Diversity Committee (chaired the Academic Resources Subcommittee); the Advisory
Committee for participation in Student Action with Farmworkers; a committee to develop a Language Learning
Center and one to establish departmental policy and procedures concerning language testing.  Serve on search

committees to fill full-time faculty positions.  Have worked to develop courses/materials/resources with the

International Business Center and Corporate and Continuing Education.  Have received 7 Teaching

Excellence awards. Awarded rank of Professor, 2008.  July 1984 to present.

Omeida College, Yangshuo, Guangxi Autonomous Region, China -- Taught integrated skills, with an

emphasis on listening and speaking, to small classes (3 levels of proficiency) composed primarily

of young professionals.  June 2002.

University of South Carolina, English Program for Internationals, Columbia, SC – Taught composition

courses for international graduate students who needed to improve composition skills

for graduate level coursework.  Participated in assessment of international students applying for

ITA (International Teaching Assistant) positions.  Two semesters.

University of North Carolina, English Language Teaching Institute, Charlotte, NC – Taught grammar,

composition, and reading in the regular summer 1989 term of their intensive ESL program.

University of North Carolina, 1988 Summer Seminar in American Society, Charlotte, NC – Visiting

lecturer.  Taught ESL to a group of 36 teachers visiting from Japan; classwork focused on

conversation and cultural awareness.  Also led conversations during mealtimes and accompanied

the group on field trips.

University of Detroit, Intensive English Program, Detroit, MI – In an intensive university ESL

program, taught low and intermediate reading; intermediate and advanced listening-speaking;

advanced composition; courses for students studying in their major fields who need to perfect

grammar and/or composition skills.  Organized the curriculum for and taught language lab. 

Worked with other staff members to restructure the program from a more traditional one to one

which better integrates skills and better prepares the student to do research and communicate in

the American university classroom.  Critiqued texts.  Administered and scored the Michigan

Test.  Did extensive materials development at all levels.  Four semesters.

Oakland Community College, English Language Institute, Farmington Hills, MI – Taught beginning

grammar & composition.  Developed materials to increase communicative and creative elements

of these skills at a beginning level while maintaining an academic orientation.  1 semester.

University of Detroit, Division of Continuing Professional Education, Detroit, MI – Taught individualized

classes for business and other professionals to improve English proficiency, and for individuals

preparing to take the TOEFL and other standardized tests of English proficiency.  1 year.

INTAC, Clawson, MI – Taught ESL to corporate professionals and their families.  Instruction focused on

bridging the gap between textbook and real life.  Included pronunciation, aural comprehension,

grammar, vocabulary, cultural awareness.  1 year.

University of Detroit, Department of English, Detroit, MI – Taught advanced composition to native

English speaking students.  Students were taught techniques for the process of idea development

as well as organization, audience evaluation, modes of writing, unity, style and mechanical skills. 

1 semester.

American University, English Language Institute, Washington, DC – In an intensive ESL program,

taught beginning pronunciation and grammar; intermediate pronunciation, grammar and reading;

advanced reading and pronunciation.  Taught evening classes for professionals.  Developed a new

curriculum and materials for intermediate reading.  Did extensive materials development at all levels. 

Monitored students in the language lab, administered and scored placement tests (the CELT). 

4 semesters.

English Language Services, Washington, DC – In an intensive adult program, taught beginning,

intermediate and advanced grammar; intermediate reading and writing; beginning conversation. 

Developed a curriculum for a course in cross-cultural studies.  Administered and scored placement

tests.  5 ½ months.

Language Tutoring Service, Athens, Greece – Organized a tutoring service and taught English and

French to students on a one-to-one basis.  Students ranged in age from 16-42; subject matter

varied from preparation for examinations to hotel language to conversation practice.  Trained a

replacement before leaving.  5 ½ months.

Grace Hospital School of Nursing, Detroit, MI – Organized and taught a remedial mathematics tutorial. 

1 semester.





IELTS Testing Center, Charlotte, NC, USA -- certified speaking and writing task examiner for the International

               English Language Testing System (IELTS).  June 2008-May 2017.

Protea Textware, Australia - freelance consultant.  Localize video scripts and computerized

exercises to American English.  2003-2008.

English-to-Go, Australia & New Zealand - freelance contributor to the English-to-Go subscription

website.  Includes writing exercises and providing digitized audio for selected interactive web-

based exercises. 1999-2009.

ETS, Princteon, New Jersey - freelance; have worked as an item writer for the Test of English for International

Communication (TOEIC) and as a consultant on community college and iBT-related materials, 2001-2005.

Certified TOEIC Speaking Test rater, 2012.

Pearson, New Jersey, USA - freelance course developer,  2007 - 2008.

TESL-EJ - an on-line peer-reviewed electronic journal focused on English as a Second Language

methodology, policies, and research. Edited and wrote the "Forum" column.  Introduced a particular

topic, and solicited, contributed to and edited discussion of that topic for publication.  September

2000 to June 2005.  Reviewer, 2017-present.

TESL-L  - an electronic forum that focused on ESL classroom pedagogy, with 30,000 members in 120

countries; Board Member and list editor.  Helped establish editorial policy in conjunction with

a group of listeditors and individually monitored incoming messages for appropriacy for the list. 

November 1997 to June 2003.

TESLJB-L - an electronic forum focused on employment issues within the field of English as a second

language; list manager.  Encourage discussion of employment topics by posting on pertinent

issues.  Revise and enforce list policies when appropriate.  Monitor postings to the list for

breaches of policy, and deal with severe violations of list policy on an individual basis.  

September 2000 to October 2006.
TESLjob@yahoogroups.com - developed , moderate, and contribute to an employment-focused list for the field of
                English as a second language
.  October 2006-present.

COPTEC email lists - managed two (one "open," one for TESOL members only) email lists for  the TESOL

(Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) Caucus on Part-Time Employment Concerns,

with a focus on part-time employment concerns and the activities of the caucus in this regard. 

Originator and owner of the open list.  Subscribe or unsubscribe members of the open list,

and keep the list active by posting topics of interest for discussion.  February 1999-March 2012.

Subsequently managed a Yahoogroup for the TESOL-affiliated Forum on Fair Employment March 2012-2016.

TEFLChina lists - owner and co-moderator of the [Teach] [Life] and [Job] lists, May 2002-present.  Initiate and
                contribute to discussions. Have also archived compilations of posts to the list for uploading to the
https://web.archive.org/web/20071016043346/http://teflchina.org:80/teach/index.htm  website.




TESOL (Teachers of English as a Second Language) Conference

                Student Writing without Teacher Death: Low Workload Supplements for Composition, Boston, March 2010


                Big Steps and Small Steps:  Making Progress on Employment Issues (academic session), Denver, March 2009


                Tactics for PartTime, Adjunct, and Contingent Faculty, w/Lara Beninca, New York, April 2-5.

                Solutions for the Inequities Facing Part-Time Faculty (colloquium), New York, Apr 2-5.


                Supporting Non-Native Speakers in Health Careers, w/Gwen Barclay, Seattle, Mar 20-24 

                Supporting Non-Native Speakers in College Composition Classes w/Rosemary Schmid 3/20-24 

                Colloquium on Part-Time Employment Concerns:  Working for Job Security for Part-Time Faculty


                Going on the Road as a Consultant, w/Rosemary Schmid, Tampa, FL  March 15-19

                Colloquium on part-time advocacy, What one individual can do, Tampa, FL, Mar 15-19


                MA TESOL Programs and the Job Market, colloquium, San Antonio, TX March 29-April 2

                From Grammar Class to Grammar Use, w/Lara Beninca, San Antonio, TX March 29-April 2

                Transitioning Students from Adult to Academic ESL, San Antonio, TX March 29-April 2


                Student evaluations of teachers, Long Beach, CA, March 24-27.


                Where does grammar fit?, w/Paula Baird, Baltimore, March 25-29.

                Creating an inhouse academic ESL placement test, w/Bjarne Nielsen, Baltimore, Mar 25-29.

                Assessing placement test validity, Baltimore, Mar 25-29.


                Testing for placement, promotion, and proficiency, w/ Bjarne Nielsen, Salt Lake City, Apr 9-13.

                Colloquium on part-time advocacy, Creating an email list to network, Salt Lake City, Apr 9-13.


                Colloquium on part-time advocacy, On the status of adjunct teachers around the world, St.

Louis, February 27-March 3.


 Issues in Higher Education, TESOL breakfast seminar panel (invited), Vancouver, Mar 14-18.

                Colloquium on part-time advocacy, Internet Resources, Vancouver, March 14-18.


                Colloquium on part-time advocacy, Advocacy through a TESOL regional affiliate, New York,

March 9-13.

                IEPs in community colleges (colloquium), New York, March 9-13.

                Community college networking session (invited session leader), New York, March 9-13


                Colloquium on part-time advocacy, Regional Status and History, Seattle, March.


                University degree credit for ESL, Orlando, March 11-15. 


                Getting hired in an IEP:  Improving your marketability, Chicago, March 26-April 1.


                The politics of Academia:  How we survive, Baltimore, March 8-14.


 International-American student interaction: It's easier than you think, Vancouver, BC, Canada,

March 2-7

 Building an ESL network among two-year postsecondary institutions, Vancouver BC Canada,

March 2-7 (invited speaker)


                Dealing with student diversity:  Program organization and placement, Higher Education Interest

Section academic session panel discussion, New York, NY, March.  (invited speaker)


                What is this word GONNA? -- a listening-pronunciation technique, San Antonio, TX, March.

Georgia TESOL

                What are grammar RULES, anyway?
                Placement Test Options:  A Community College Academic ESL Program's Experience,


                Low Workload Supplements for Composition Class, Atlanta, GA, October 2013
Internal Training, Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte, NC, USA

                Academic ESL/Adult ESL Crosstraining, 2017:  Placement Testing for Academic ESL

                Best Practices for International Students in Degree-Credit Classes, 2017:  Teaching and Advising Techniques
ESL/FL Adjunct Instructor Training, 2016:  What are Grammar Rules?

Teaching Adults Academic, Professional, Basic Skills and Vocational ESL


                English for Medical Purposes, w/Gwen Barclay-Toy, Charlotte, NC, April 22


                From Grammar Class to Grammar Use, w/Lara Beninca, Charlotte, NC, February 19

                Transitioning Students from Academic ESL to "Regular" Curriculum Classes, Charlotte, NC 2/19

                Transitioning Students from Adult to Academic ESL, w/Stacey Propps, Charlotte, NC 2/19

SLRF (Second Language Research Forum)


                Overgeneralization and underapplication in interlanguage past time expression, Manoa, HI, October

SCIEC ESL Day, Columbia, South Carolina - featured speaker at a day-long workshop sponsored by the

South Carolina International Education Consortium. The focus of my talk was on placement /

assessment issues in particular, but also included information on the use of software in languages

labs and professional email lists as a resource for professional development.  October 18, 2002

Southeast TESOL Conference


                Instructional Techniques to Facilitate Good Grammar Production, w/Lara Beninca, Myrtle Beach, NC, 9/22-25.


Helping Students Move Grammar Beyond the Classroom, New Orleans, LA, September 24-27.


                Improving Part-Time Employment Conditions, Charleston, SC, November 23-26.


                The politics of Academia:  How we survive, New Orleans, LA, October.


International-American student interaction, Atlanta, October.

                1990 (joint conference with NAFSA Region VI):

                International intake center:  A model for community colleges, presentation with Rosemary

Schmid, Louisville, KY, October.

                Focused interaction with Americans:  A multi-buzzword experience, Louisville, KY, October.


                Internationalizing the curriculum:  Focused interaction with Americans, Raleigh, NC, October.


                Whacha gonna do? -- a listening-pronunciation technique, Orlando, FL, October.

Caribbean Regional TESOL


                What is this word GONNA?  San Juan, Puerto Rico, November 6-7.

Carolina TESOL Conference


Employment Concerns, discussion group, Charlotte, NC, November.


Part-Time Employment Concerns, Charlotte, NC, April.

1992 (joint conference with SCCFLT – South Carolina Conference of Foreign Language


                International-American student interaction, Greenville, SC, February.


                Smorgasbord, presentation with David Parsons, Greensboro, NC, November.

                Dictations aren't what they used to be:  students' ears meet the real world, Greensboro, NC,



                International TESOL, Miami:  Highlights, Columbia, SC, October 31.

NCAIE (North Carolina Association of International Educators) Conference


                Dealing with Change in Community College ESL, presentation with Gilda Rubio-Festa,

Wilmington, NC, April 22-23.

Two-Year College English Association (TYCA) Southeast Regional Conference


                Lifelines and Bridges:  Support for Non-native Speakers in the Freshman Composition

Classroom, colloquium, Charlotte, NC, February 26-28.

College English Instructors (CEI) Conference


                Current trends in the teaching of English as a second language, Asheville, NC, April 19. 

(invited speaker)

Second Language Acquisition and Second Language Teaching Conference


                Please take note:  Teaching low-level note taking, Tampa, FL, May.

National Conference on Teaching and Learning


                Internationalizing the curriculum:  Focused interaction between international and

American students, Jacksonville, FL, May.

North Carolina Literacy Partnerships Conference


                Teaching English as a second language, panel discussion, Greensboro, NC, July.

Teaching Showcase


                Internationalizing the curriculum through the use of international students, Charlotte, NC,





Achievement Profile interview in ESL Miniconference:

Highlighted in a TESOL Member Story in the HEIS newsletter (summer 2006)




Composing Your Life, a 158-page in-house publication of explanations, exercises, and models

designed for a low-intermediate composition class.  First edition, 1999.  2nd edition, 2000,

3rd edition, 2007.  4th edition, 2012.

Grammar III Workbook, a 96-page in-house publication of explanations and multiple skill and/or

contextualized grammar exercises designed to accompany an intermediate grammar text.  First

edition, 1994.  2nd edition, 1995.  3rd edition, 1998.  4th edition, 1999. 5th edition, 2003, 6th ed 2007,
               7th ed 2011, 8th ed 2015.

Resources for English for Medical Purposes, article, ESP News, Vol 13 No 1, January 2008

Practical Tips for Teaching Telephone Use in English, article, HEIS News, Vol 24 No 1, March 2005

               reprinted in the Spring 2005 issue of the LaTESOL Newsletter

Innovation in ESL and EFL Textbooks, article, TESL-EJ, September 2003

Teaching About Language, article, TESL-EJ, March 2003

Testing in Higher Education, article w/Bjarne Nielsen, ESL in Higher Education Newsletter, August 2002

Vocabulary and Storytelling, lesson plan, featured as the "lesson of the week" on the English-to-Go

website, May 2, 2002

Using the First Language in the Second Language Classroom, article, TESL-EJ, March 2002

Student Centered Learning, article, TESL-EJ, December 2001

Varieties of English:  Definition and Instruction, article, TESL-EJ, September 2001

I'm Going to Take a Vacation, lesson plan, featured as the "lesson of the week" on the English-to-Go

website, August 2001

It-Was-the-Way-You-Said-It, lesson plan, featured as the "lesson of the week" on the English-to-Go

website, February 2001

Bringing worlds together:  Internationalizing the curriculum through focused interaction, article,

Innovation Abstracts, Vol XIII, No 1, January 1991

Please take note:  Teaching low level notetaking, paper on microfiche in the ERIC (Educational Resource

Information Center) database of educational documents.  November, 1987 (Doc # ED 283 390)

Taking the pain out of dictations, or:  Listening for fun and profit, article, Carolina TESOL, June 1987

Low-level notetaking, article, KATESOL Newsletter, June 1984




Theory Development in Applied Linguistics:  Toward a Connectionist Framework for Understanding

Second Language Acquisition, co-author with J. Dean Mellow, Issues in Applied Lingusitics,

Volume 13, Number 1, June 2002

Alternative accounts of developmental patterns:  Toward a functional-cognitive model of second

language acquisition, co-author with J. Dean Mellow, Proceedings of the Third Annual High

Desert Linguistics Society Conference.  Albuquerque, NM:  University of New Mexico, 2001

Acquisition of English Past Time Verbal Morphology by Instructed Adult Learners of a Second Language,

unpublished MA thesis, University of South Carolina, May 1998

Research into the Acquisition of L2 Verbal Morphology to Locate Events and Situations in the Past,

Carolina TESOL Forum, Vol 1, Spring 1997

Gender issues in the ESL classroom, summary of current research, Carolina TESOL, Spring 1993

Promotion for poor writers?  summary of current research, Carolina TESOL, February 1989

TOEFL reading strategies – a summary, Carolina TESOL, September 1988

Puerto Rican culture:  Some effects on communication, Carolina TESOL, February 1988




Tactics for Part-time, Adjunct and Contingent Academic Faculty, article, HEIS News, August 2008

Going on the Road as a Consultant, article, HEIS News, July 2006

Practical and Theoretical Approaches to ESL/EFL Student Evaluation of Teachers, article, TESL-EJ,

June 2003

TESOL 2003:  Hearing the Voices of Contingent Faculty, article with co-authors Joan Grosse, John

McLaughlin, & Jack Longmate, TESOL Matters, June/July/August 2003.


Part-Time Teachers:  What's the Problem?, article co-authored with Jack Longmate, American Language

Review, July/August 2001.

On the Status of Adjunct Teachers around the World, article in TESL-EJ, December 2000.

Internet Resources for Part-Time Employment Concerns, article in CONCEPT, Spring 2000.

Unequal Employment Conditions:  How do We Right a Wrong?  article in the ETAS (English Teachers

Association, Switzerland) Newsletter, Vol 17, No 1 (Winter 1999).

Working on Part-Time Issues through a TESOL Affiliate:  An Anecdotal Report, article in PTC News,

Fall 1998

Part-Time Employment:  Where do we go from here, and how do we get there?, article in the TESOL

Placement Bulletin, November 1997

The politics of Academia:  Points of departure,  article on microfiche in the ERIC (Educational Resource

Information Center) database of educational documents.  December 1994 (Doc #ED 371 600)

Surviving the politics of Academia, article, ESL in Higher Education, Vol 13, No 2, Summer 1994

Highlights of HEIS meetings: TESOL '93, report, ESL in Higher Education, Vol 12, No 2, Summer 1993

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Summer 1992

HEIS business meeting highlights:  TESOL '92, report, ESL in Higher Education, Vol 11, No 2,

 June/July 1992

Report on the 21st annual TESOL convention, report, Carolina TESOL, June 1987


Other Publications


Website Review:  Learning Vocabulary Can be Fun, article, HEIS News, February 2006

Vocabulary Website for English Learners, review, English Horizons, October 2005

Beyond the Sky and the Earth:  A Journey into Bhutan, review, Language Magazine, January 2004.

River Town:  Two Years on the Yangtze, review, Language Magazine, January 2002.





I speak fluent French, have a command of Spanish, and some knowledge of modern Greek.


University of  South Carolina, Columbia, SC – MA in linguistics, May 1998. Thesis:  Acquisition of

English Past Time Verbal Morphology by Instructed Adult Learners of a Second Language.

Graduate courses included:  phonetics, phonology, syntax, advanced syntax (GB focus),

second language acquisition (SLA), SLA curriculum design and assessment, SLA research

design, conversation analysis, French morphophonology. 

American University, Washington, DC – Certificate in TEFL/TESL.  30 graduate hours in linguistics. 


Wayne State University, Detroit, MI – BA in English  (honors) 1977.  Minors:  languages and 


Sorbonne, Paris, France - completed (in French) a three-week (80-hour) seminar in French language,
                history, sociolinguistics and language teaching methodology.  July, 2014
Academia Latinoamericana de Cuzco - completed a four-week (98 hour) advanced immersion course in
               Spanish.  May-June 2013.
Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) - completed a three-week immersion (advanced) course in

French.   July 2012.
Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) - completed a 16-hour online training and

successfully qualified to score the speaking component of the TOEIC.  April, 2012.
Sorbonne, Paris, France - completed (in French) a four-week seminar in French language, history, sociolinguistics
                and language teaching methodology.  July, 2011.
IELTS Center, Charlotte, NC, USA - completed IELTS examiner training and passed the qualifying exams to

become an official examiner for the speaking and composition portions of the International English

Language Testing System (IELTS).  June, 2008.  Completed standardisation trainings and successfully

recertified in 2010 and 2012.
Universidad Internacional, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico--Completed a two-week immersion Spanish

course, which included a grammar class, a sociology course (Mexico Hoy) and daily talks on

cultural themes (all instruction in Spanish).  May 2006 and May 2007

Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania -- Completed a four-week Summer Institute

               in Applied Linguistics.  Courses included "Chaos/Complexity Theory and Applied Linguistics,"

              "Communicative Technologies and Second-Language Acquisition," "Implicit and Explicit

               Language Learning and Their Interface," "A Dynamic Systems Approach to  Language Attrition

              and Language Development," "Gesture and L2 Learning,"  "Components of Advanced Language

              Proficiency" and "Oral Language Assessment."  June-July 2005.

University of British Columbia, Vancouver -- Completed a 3-week semi-intensive course in Mandarin

                Chinese, July 2003.

TOEIC Item Writers Training -- Attended official TOEIC training which qualifies me as a freelance item

writer for the TOEIC, February 2001.

Supplemental Instruction Training -- Certified to supervise a program in Supplemental Instruction, May


University of North Carolina at Charlotte -- 1 semester of elementary Japanese, Fall 1999.

IFALPES, Annecy, France -- Completed a four-week intensive advanced-level French as a foreign

language course at a university regulated language institute.  June, 1998.

ETS/TOEFL training workshop – Trained to read and score the Test of Written English, a composition

component of the TOEFL exam.  March 1991.

Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte, NC – course work includes Access (database software),

beginning & intermediate workshops in FrontPage (web design software), Microcomputer

Operations (DOS), Advanced Microcomputer Operations (DOS), workshop in

using the MacIntosh, Electronic Publishing (Mac), Conversational Japanese, Conversational

Mandarin.  1984 - present.

Language Outreach Education, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH – Completed a training program in the

Dartmouth/Rassias Intensive Language Method conducted by John Rassias in Pontiac, MI. 

December, 1983.

Escuela Estela Maya, Antigua, Guatemala – One month intensive Spanish, September, 1979.

Panepistimiaki Leschi, Athens, Greece – Language school of the University of Athens.  Received

certificate of competency in Greek.  1978.

Gymnase de Belvedère, Lausanne, Switzerland – One semester attendance, completely in French, in a

Swiss high school.  1963-64.





TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)  (TESOL Standing Committee on Employment

                Issues - 2009-present; adjudicated the award for excellence in Community College teaching, 2007-2009;

                Higher Education Interest Section: Email list manager, 2009-present; Assistant Chair, 1998-1999;

                Secretary, 1992-94; HEIS nominating committee, 1991-92, 1994-95, 1996-97; Steering Committee, Caucus

                on Part-Time Employment Concerns, 1996-2008, 2008-present in its new structure as the Forum for Fair

                Employment; Committee on Professional Standards, 1988-91; Convention Daily staff, March 1991;

                HEIS Abstract Reader, 1991-2013)

Georgia TESOL, 2013 - present

Carolina TESOL (Higher Education Interest Section liaison to the Sociopolitical Concerns Committee,

April 1997-1999; Executive Board, 1986-94; Publisher Liaison, 1990-93; Secretary, 1988-89;

Regional Representative, 1986-88; Co-Chair, Fall 1991 Conference; Publicity Chair, Southeast

Regional TESOL Conference, 1990; Conference Chair, April 1987)

AAAL (American Association of Applied Linguistics)

NCAIE (North Carolina Association of International Educators; formerly, NC NAFSA)



Other Professional Activities:

                Contribute/contributed regularly to:

                TESL-L email list (focus on pedagogical issues), along with subbranches TESLIE-L (focus on

administrative issues), TESLCA-L (focus on technology related issues), TESLJB-L

(focus on employment & professional advancement concerns) 1995 until these lists closed in 2012

TEFLChina list (focus on pedagogy, particularly in China) - list owner

TESOL Higher Education Interest Section and other TESOL Int'l Assn. forums

TESLjob@yahoogroups.com (employment-focused email list) - list owner

Word Reference, English Only Forum (provides English language assistance to members)






Mint Museum of Art - docent, September 2000 to 2009.

Charlotte Sister Cities (Limoges, France Sister City Committee, 1993-95, 2000-2002)


last update, December 2015